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"A clammering piece of power pop that packs an emotional punch" - Dave Ruby Howe, music director at Triple J Unearthed

One of the projects I'm most proud of in 2021 is "Wake Up Call", a song and video I created in collaboration with the young people of Sydney Children's Hospital Network's ChIPS program. This is a peer support program for teenagers living with chronic conditions that empowers them through art, storytelling and community. You can read more about this songwriting project and how I got involved at  

A delightful collaboration with kids and teachers from Kensington Public School, made possible through the Sydney Opera House's Creative Leadership in Learning program. This song was part of a stage musical we wrote together called "Night School". Covid wrecked our plans for a live performance but it did enable us to collaborate with my friend Benny Thatcher on this animated video.  

Meanwhile, earlier in the year, The Vegetable Plot released this animated music video for "Mr Potato" created by our delightful friend Benny Time. 

Videos from 2020

2020 was a good year for writing songs, making videos and spending time in the studio. Here are some of the projects that kept me sane this year.

"Planet Home" is a song I wrote with the kids of Lansvale Public School Class 3S, in my role as a teaching artist with the Sydney Opera House's Creative Leadership in Learning Program. Covid restrictions forced us to be creative in how we performed this song. That creative adaptation led to us learning a new language together, which led to us collaborating with one of Australia's most famous and beloved entertainers. I'm very grateful to have gone on this journey with these kids and their teacher, and very proud of the end result.

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